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About Us

Alta Crest is a grower of citrus and other subtropical fruit with groves in Lafayette and Winters, California. Our Lafayette growing grounds are perched high on a frost free south-facing ridge line above the original family homestead from which we have proudly taken our name "Alta Crest Fruit Company". On these coastal breeze tempered hills, we grow our creamy smooth, gourmet avocados and delicious white sapotes.




Our Winters farm in Yolo County lies on the sun-drenched eastern foothills of the Berryessa mountains below reach of snow and above the threat of damaging frosts. It is here where our world-class navel oranges, tangelos and pomegranites grow. We've conned our dad into caring for the trees, but it is us Gragg children who are in charge of order taking, harvesting, packing and delivering to your door..


Two young kids and their father, farming
Four kids, in a bright red golf cart, harvesting oranges in an orchard
Arianna Muppy Gragg, CEO Alta Crest Fruit Company
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