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About Us


Alta Crest is a provider of avocado, mango, citrus, agave, and other specialty fruit trees with groves in Lafayette, Winters, Richmond, and Fremont, California. Our goal is to put a fruit tree in every backyard in the Bay Area to decrease our community's reliance on imported produce. 


Yes, they do grow here!

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Climate change is not all doom and gloom. The silver lining of warming temperatures is the opportunity to grow produce in Northern California that has typically been grown and imported from southern climates. Join us in celebrating the diversity, resilience and abundance of Northern California agriculture. 


orange fruits with leaf isolated on whit

Alta Crest grows trees and produce at several locations throughout California including Winters, Lafayette, San Diego, Richmond, and Fremont. 


Out two retail locations:


Alta Crest Nursery

42155 Vargas Rd.

Fremont, CA


Golden Gate Palms Nursery

425 Cutting Blvd.

Richmond, CA

“Climate change essentially means that Southern California’s conditions are creeping north up the coast and into the valley, while Oregon and Washington are becoming more like Northern California. Precipitation, winds, fog, and seasonal and daily temperature patterns — all of which determine which crops can be grown where — have all been altered."

Blair Alastair,, May 9, 2023

Meet The Team

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